Chemical Use/Abuse


Student use and/or possession of tobacco in any form including snuff or any instruments that have the appearance of cigarettes will not be permitted on or adjacent to any district property, on district school buses or loading or unloading areas or at any school event, home or away.

Smoking by Students: Students are reminded that it is a long-standing policy that smoking by a student during the school day is prohibited within sight of any bus loading area. If students switch buses, they should go directly to their assigned buses. Students reported smoking will be penalized according to the policy.

Tobacco possession: students possessing tobacco in any form on school property or at school activities will be disciplined, law enforcement will be contacted, and the tobacco will be confiscated.

Drugs and alcohol: students are prohibited from using, possessing, distributing, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or being under the influence of illegal drugs or narcotics at school, school-sponsored activities, and on school grounds. This includes the abuse of inhalants and/or prescription medications. Students are not to have aerosol cans in their possession or on school property. Aerosol cans or other items that may be used as an inhalant will be confiscated and will not be returned to the student. Students in violation of this rule will be suspended and law enforcement will be contacted. Recommended consequences will serve only as a guideline. The administration can use discretion when administering consequences. Students may be disciplined for off-campus conduct that disrupts, interferes, or otherwise affects the environment, activities or operation of the school.