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Hello to the Barnum community and Carlton County area residents. I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Gathering of Great Minds staff training day at the Moose Lake Community School on January 20, 2020. Gathering of Great Minds includes the nine schools of the Northeast Area Schools Consortium (NASC), which includes Barnum, Esko, McGregor, Moose Lake, Cloquet, Willow River, Carlton, Wrenshall, and Cromwell/Wright. To learn more about NASC, go to: http://nasc-mn.weebly.com/organization.html

What impresses me the most about this consortium and day is the collaboration of all the school staff and administration. It is educators putting their skills and shared knowledge together to focus on improving educational practices for the students of our area. This collaboration and sharing of resources for the better of the students is a must for our area, and let’s keep this attitude in place while improving the ways we can educate our students and staff.

The Barnum Schools will be looking at making a substantial reduction in expenditures this winter/spring. There will be a working session of the School Board on February 4 to discuss recommendations brought by administration. The total reductions needed to keep our fund balance positive will be around $750,000. This meeting is at 6:30pm in the Barnum High School choir room.  No action takes place at this meeting. This is a work session which allows the public to listen to the recommendations, provide input for the school board, and hear the discussions that follow. The regular Board meeting on February 18 is where the School Board can take action to implement and approve the recommendations.

Rumors can and do spread as to what may be reduced, but it is best to talk directly to someone who is involved in the process. Staff members should talk directly to their union rep and attend the Board meetings. Community members should contact the District Office to set up a time to talk with me, and attend the Board meetings. If you cannot or do not want to attend the Board meetings, please go to our website (www.isd91.org), click on the ‘District’ tab, then click on ‘School Board’, and then ‘Board Meeting Videos’.  This takes you to the page where you can click on a link to any of the past Board meetings.

Thank you to everyone who helps educate the students of the Barnum community.

Mr. Mike McNulty – Superintendent

Barnum Schools