400’s – Employees

400 Series Employee Policies


401 Equal Employment

402 Disability Nondis Policy

403 Employee Discipline

404 Employee Background Checks

404F Background Check Form

405 Veterans Preference

406 Employee Release of Info

406 Form Exp of Rights

407 Employee Hazard Substance

408 Subpoena of a Sch District Employee

409 Employee Publications

410 Family Medical Leave

412 Expense Reimbursement

413 Harassment Violence

413F Harassment Violence Form

414 Mand Report Child Abuse

415 Mandated Report Maltreatment Vul Adults

416 Drugs and Alcohol Testing

416 Form Drug and Testing Policy Forms

417 Chemical Abuse

418 Drug Free Workplace

418F Form Ack Drug Free Workplace

419 Tobacco Free Workplace

420 Students and Emp w Sex Trans Infections

421 Gifts to Empl. Sch. Bd

422 Policy References

423 Employee Student Relationships

424 License Status

425 Staff Development

427 SpEd Workload

441 Employees Ethical Conduct

B401.1 Procedures for Hiring Extra Curr Coaches

B401.2 Procedures for Hiring Principals

B403.1.Procedures for Evaluation of Staff

B417.1 Chemical Abuse Preassessment Team Procedures 2.17.15

B425 District Employee Activity Pass

B426 Leave of Absence Policy

B426-F1 Leave of Absence Req Form