Board Goals


The Barnum School District will provide a personalized learning environment utilizing the best teaching practices to insure a productive citizenry, which values a lifelong celebration of learning.

School Board Goals for FY21 and FY22

  1. The Barnum School Board supports staff development/collaboration of best practices through Professional Learning Communities and the Northeast Area School Consortium, to enhance student learning.
  2. The Barnum School Board supports the growth of digital learning through a robust digital infrastructure, Learning Management System, and the ongoing 1:1 initiative, kindergarten through twelfth grade, to meet the diverse needs of all learners.
  3. The Barnum School Board supports offering students multiple and diverse learning opportunities. These opportunities include the fine arts, co-curricular activities, and enhanced academic offerings, which promote life skills.
  4. The Barnum School Board will demonstrate fiscal responsibility by maintaining a minimum unassigned general fund balance of two to four months of expenses.
  5. The Barnum School Board supports the maintenance of and improvements to the District’s buildings and grounds to enhance learning, working, and community pride.

School Board Approved August 18, 2020