Vision/Hearing Screening

Vision and Hearing Screening

Following the guidelines set forth by the Minnesota Department of Health, the following grade levels will be screened:

Kindergarten – hearing

1st grade –vision/hearing  (color vision-boys only)

2nd grade – hearing

3rd grade – vision/hearing

5th grade – vision/hearing

7th grade – vision/hearing

10th grade – vision/hearing

Students newly enrolled at Barnum – vision/hearing

Students who do not pass their vision or hearing will be re-screened 1-3 weeks following the initial screening. If they do not pass the re-screening, a referral letter will be sent out to the parents recommending follow-up care by your health care provider.

I would like to extend a special thank you to the parents that are volunteering their time to screen our students at the elementary and to the NHS students that help at the high school!!  We appreciate your help!