Food Service


Barnum School District Hot Lunch Procedure:

The Barnum school lunch program provides food service for students on a pre-paid basis. Each student is issued an Individual Meal Account and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This account and PIN will be the student’s throughout their school years. Each student will enter their own PIN into the keypad at the Cashier’s desk at the time of meal purchase (Point of Sale).

The Individual Meal Account is a debit account; therefore, there must be money in the account in order for the student to eat. Each time your child purchases a meal by entering their PIN number, the amount of the purchase is deducted from the balance in their account. At the end of each year, the student’s balance will carry forward to the next school year.

Students may use their meal accounts to pay for breakfast or lunch reimbursable meals, a second entrée serving or extra milk.

Low balance notices will be given to the students either verbally or in written form when possible. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student and parents to keep tabs on account balances and deposit money before the account is depleted. Account balances and activity can be monitored through Parent Portal.

The misuse of student meal numbers is prohibited. This includes sharing, borrowing or stealing of a meal number.

Students are expected to arrive at the first class on time. If breakfast is to be eaten at school, allow enough time.

ISD No. 91 is a closed campus, but students are allowed to go to designated areas outside the building during their lunch period with the supervisor’s permission.


  1. Know your PIN number so you can quickly enter it on the pad and keep the line moving.
  2. Please stack trays, place silverware in the container and dispose of garbage. Aluminum cans should be placed in the recycling container.
  3. Students should line up by class as scheduled.
  4. Please keep lines straight and orderly.
  5. Enter and exit through the appropriate door.
  6. Please clean debris from tables and floors.
  7. Good behavior is expected in the lunchroom at all times.

Meal Account / Unpaid Meals Policy

Food Service

Barnum Public Schools ISD 91


The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent meal account procedures for Barnum Public Schools.


  1. Barnum Public Schools recognizes the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide breakfast and lunch for their children. Proper nutrition intake is essential for adequate learning and development to occur.
  2. It is the policy of Barnum Public Schools to offer breakfast and lunch. The food service department strives to produce quality meals that meet state and federal guidelines at a reasonable cost.
  3. Students may purchase meals when funds have been deposited into their student meal account or by cash payment.
  4. Because we are reimbursed by the State and Federal governments for reimbursable meals served, all students (free, reduced and full pay) are required to purchase a complete reimbursable meal. To be considered a reimbursable meal, a student must select at least three components from the offerings. One selection must be at least ½ cup of fruit or vegetable.
  5. Students may charge an extra entrée or milk to their account if they have taken a reimbursable meal and have money in their account or cash in hand to cover the cost.
  6. Students may purchase a milk only to go with a sack lunch if they have cash in hand or money in their account. This applies to all students, whether free, reduced or full pay.
  7. Individual items (with no reimbursable meal) and guest non-reimbursable meals are to be purchased via cash payment at time of purchase.
  8. Households may apply for free/reduced meals at any time during the school year. Applications are mailed to all households in the school district prior to the school year and are included in enrollment packets. In addition, applications are available online at org > Food Service – Menus & More > Application for Educational Benefits or at the District Office.