Resolving Concerns/Appeals Process

Resolving Concerns

Students who are concerned about a specific disciplinary action or student contact violation (harassment or violence) may consult with their parents, teachers, the school/District administration, counselors, etc., as a means of informally resolving the concern. If the concern cannot be resolved informally, students and their parents/guardians may appeal their concerns through the channels listed in the appeals process shown below. The order of the appeal process must be followed before an appeal will be considered.

All employees of the Barnum Public Schools are expected to deal with students in a firm, fair and consistent fashion; to treat all students with respect, and to recognize and appreciate individual differences among students.

The Appeal Process

Informal attempt to resolve concern between the parties involved (student and teacher/administrator/paraprofessional/bus driver, attendance issue etc.)

Students have the right to formally bring concerns to the school administration if informal measures to resolve concerns have been unsuccessful. The request for formal resolution of the problem should be given to the principal within five school days of the onset of the problem. The principal has ten school days to respond.

If the problem is not resolved by the principal, the student may petition the superintendent for a hearing. This must be done within ten school days following the principal’s response. The superintendent has five school days to respond.

If the problem is not resolved by the superintendent, the student may petition the School Board for a hearing. This is the final step in the complaint process. Petitions to the superintendent and School Board will be accepted on their merit and may be denied if insufficient merit is found to exist.