Background checks for Volunteers:

The Criminal History Background Check Law was amended in 2008 to require schools to request a criminal history background check from the BCA on all individuals who are offered the opportunity to provide athletic coaching services or other extracurricular academic coaching services to a school, regardless of whether any compensation is paid.

  1. Volunteers for Whom a school Must Conduct a Background Check
    1. All athletic coaches
    2. All academic coaches
  2. Volunteers for whom a School May Conduct a Background Check
    1. Enrolled student volunteer coaches
    2. Chaperones on trips
    3. Tutors

We certainly appreciate the hard work and long hours our volunteers provide our students, teachers, directors, and coaches. As a School District we take our responsibility to run background checks seriously and will notify parents and guardians about the school’s policy requiring a criminal history on volunteers who provide services to the school.